Best Robotic Lawn Mower

Top 5 Robotic Lawn Mowers Comparison

1. Robomow RS630 2. Husqvarna Automower 315 3. Milagrow RoboTiger 2.0 4. McCulloch ROB 1000 5. WORX WG794

General Specifications

Brand Robomow Husqvarna Milagrow McCulloch Worx
Dimensions (in.) 28 x 25 x 12 9.8 x 24.8 x 20.1 22.1 x 20.1 x 9.8 23.23 x 17.32 x 10.24 22 x 15 x 9.5
Weight (lbs) 44 19.8 33.1 15.43 36
Color Green Granite Grey Blue Black/Yellow Black/Orange


Cutting System 2 Three-Star Cutting Blades 3 Pivoting Razor Blades 2 Cutting Blades 3 Cutting Blades 3 Razor Sharp Blades
Maximum Lawn Size (acre) 3/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4
Cutting Width (in.) 22 8.7 8.26 6.69 7
Minimum Cutting Height (in.) 0.78 0.8 1.18 0.79 1.6
Maximum Cutting Height (in.) 3.14 2.4 1.58 1.97 4
Maximum Incline of Slopes 36% (20°) 40% (22°) 30° 25% 20°
Battery Type Lithium Li-Ion Lithium Li-Ion Li-Ion
Charging Time (min.) 120 60 180 50 90
Average Work Time (min.) 50-70 70 180 65 40
Noise (dB) 74 58 Less than 65 57 63

Safety&Security Features

Lift Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Bump Sensor Shock Sensor System
Emergency Stop Button
Child Lock
PIN Code
Buil-In Alarm
Time Lock
Installation Lock

Additional Features

Remote Control Optional
Multiple Zones
Auto Recharge
Programmable Schedule
Weatherproof/Waterproof Weatherproof Weatherproof Waterproof Weatherproof Waterproof
Rain Sensor
Edge Mode Spot Mowing of a Limited Area Robotic Self Diagnosis and Call for Help Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
Robomow App Smart Technology Two Cutting Modes


Warranty 1-year warranty 2-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 3-year warranty
User Manual
Customer Support
Online Support

The Most Important Features of a Robotic Lawn Mower

The available robot lawn mowers are powerful machines that are specially designed to properly mow your lawn while protecting the environment at the same time. Featuring an advanced technology that makes them independent from you and highly performant, these robots are the future of domestic lawn-mowing and for this reason, more and more people look for a highly rated model to replace their manual or gas-operated lawn mower. For better understanding how these robots work, let’s take a look at their main features.

  • Increased Safety

  • The safety is one of the most important aspects of a robot lawn mower because it uses cutting blades that can seriously harm you. Therefore, in order to prevent any unpleasant accidents, most manufacturers added multiple safety features to offer you ease of mind. Among the most common features you will find in an automatic lawn mower are the lift and tilt sensors that automatically stop the unit if it’s lifted up or turned over, as well as bump sensors that are activated when the mower gently hits an object. When this happens, in order to protect both the object and the mower, the robot will instantly change its course. Another safety feature is the child lock that prevents children or any unauthorized person from operating the robot.

  • Security Features

  • The built-in security features are meant to discourage thieves from stealing the robot, so they are very helpful. For instance, many mowers feature an alarm that activates every time the unit is picked up from the grass. Also, some models require you to enter a PIN code in order to stop the alarm. Usually, the code is selected when you set the mower for the first time. Nevertheless, it’s recommended that you change it on a regular basis for increased security.

  • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

  • The top rated models feature powerful and durable batteries that can last for many seasons. However, the lifetime of the battery usually depends on many factors, including the mowing surface and the running time. The best models come equipped with either lithium or lithium-ion batteries. Both of them offer great power and provide many years of satisfying performance which is clearly a great advantage.

  • Multiple Zones Capability

  • Not all robots can handle multiple zones, but those which come with this feature have a great advantage. Being able to move between separate areas of a lawn simply means that the unit can mow the whole garden without having to take it from one place to another. Therefore, the lawn mower will treat each area as a separate one, and mow each one individually.

  • Self-charging

  • There are many lawn mowers that automatically recharge once the battery is running low. For this, they need the charging station that usually comes with the main unit. The charging time depends from model to model, but the processes usually take 1 to 3 hours. The same thing with the working time, most robots featuring batteries that last up to 2 hours, or even more.

  • Programmable

  • For more convenience, some mowers allow you to program them to mow the lawn whenever you want, without having to be home to monitor them. However, some of them may require a perimeter wire in order to define the mowing area because otherwise, they won’t work. Choosing a unit that allows you to schedule it according to your preferences is a great advantage as it can take care of your lawn without prior arrangements.

5 Advantages of an Automatic Lawn Mower

The automatic lawn mowers are definitely a much better choice in comparison to other available lawn mowers and there are many reasons for this. Although such robots are more expensive, they are totally worth the money if we consider the many advantages they come with. Let’s see some of the most evident benefits of mowing your lawn with a robot lawn mower.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

  • To start with, a robotic lawn mower is very safe for the environment, so if you want an Eco alternative, then you should seriously consider buying one. Due to the fact that it doesn’t use any petrol or oil, there are no emissions that could affect the environment, so robot mowing is a safe way of gardening if you’re concerned about the world we live in.

  • No Hassle

  • With the help of a robot mower, you will simply forget about the lawn mowing chore. Since it can cut the grass without any assistance from your part, you will have more free time for yourself. This is quite an advantage if you are a busy person, but you don’t have enough time to mow your lawn. Furthermore, the mower requires little maintenance, so there’s no hassle in taking care of it.

  • Great for the Lawn

  • Since the mower cuts the grass more often than you would, the grass height is constantly maintained, respecting the 1/3 rule of grass cutting. Also, the fact that it uses a random mowing pattern, your grass will be much healthier on the long-term, so you will be able to enjoy a great looking grass for many years to come and this without doing something special.

  • Silent Operation

  • Most robots are rather silent, so they can be used at night without having to worry that you’ll disturb your neighbors. Being fully automatic, these lawn mowers don’t need your intervention in performing their task, so you can leave them alone during the entire lawn mowing process. This will also allow you to enjoy a perfectly cut lawn every morning and have a great time with your family and friends.

  • Totally Safe

  • Due to the fact that an automatic mower comes with plenty safety features, you can rest assured because there won’t be any accidents. The children will be totally safe if they’re playing while the robot it’s mowing the lawn, so there’s nothing to worry about. Also, your pets won’t be exposed to any risks if they are around it while working.