The Best 5 Robot Vacuums Comparison – 2017 Top Picks!

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a real helper when it comes to cleaning the floors, and over the last years, its popularity has greatly increased. Due to the fact that a robot cleaner uses advanced technology for vacuuming the house, makes it a great companion for all those who want to assign this chore to a robot. The robot is smart, easy to use, features an innovative navigation system, and it’s quite stylish. Begin able to vacuum both hard floors and carpets, such a cleaner seems to be a much better option than the traditional vacuum, or an upgrade if you want.

Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Comparison

  1. iRobot Roomba 980 2. Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled 3. Ecovacs DEEBOT M82 4. Eufy RoboVac 11 5. bObi Classic


Manufacturer iRobot Neato Robotics Ecovacs Robotics Eufy bObsweep
Length (inches) 13.9 12.7 12.2 12.8 12.6
Width (inches) 13.9 13.2 12.2 13 12.6
Height (inches) 3.6 3.9 2.99 3.1 3.5
Weight (pounds) 8.7 9 6.61 6.7 6.4
Color Brown/Black Black White Black Snow
Shape Round D-shape Round Round Round


Max Working Time per Charge(min) 120 120 150 90 75
Charging Time (min) 180 180 240 – 300 300 – 360 N/A
Battery Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium Lithium-ion X-amplified
Cleaning Modes Automatic, Spot, Edge, Boost Eco, Turbo Auto, Spot, Edge, Single Room Auto, Spot, Edge, Max, Single Room, Manual Go, Waffle, Mopping, UV Sterilization
Brush Type Two Main Rotating Brushes and One Spinning Side Brush One Combo Brush, One Spiral Blade Brush, and One Side Brush One Main Brush and Dual Side Brushes Two Counter-rotating Side Brushes and a Rolling Brush One Bristle Brush, One Rubber Duster Brush and One Side Brush
Filter Type AeroForce High-Efficiency Filter Ultra Performance Filter High Efficiency Filter HEPA-style Filter HEPA Filter
Noise (dB) 77.9 76.8 56 N/A 60
Dust Bin Capacity (mL) 600 719 450 600 350


Remote Control
Charging Base Included
Automatic Charging
Scheduled Cleaning
Obstacle Detection
Stair Sensor
Full Bin Indicator
Smartphone App iRobot HOME App Neato App No No No

Accesories Included

  1 Line Cord 1 Power Cord 1 Power Adapter 1 AC Power Adapter 1 Power Adapter
  2 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers (batteries included) 2 Ultra Performance Filters 1 Cleaning Tool 1 Cleaning Tool 1 Mop Attachment
  1 Extra Filter 1 Combo Brush 1 High Efficiency Filter 1 HEPA-style filter 1 Spare Black Bristled Brush
  1 Extra Side Brush 1 Spiral Blade Brush 4 Side Brushes 4 Side Brushes 1 Spare Side Brush
    1 Side Brush     2 Microfiber Mopping Cloths (1 spare)
    Boundary Markers     1 Spare HEPA Filter
    1 Brush & Filter Cleaning Tool     Blindfold Stickers


Warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 2-year warranty
User Manual
Customer Support

The Advantages of Using a Robotic Vacuum

There are many advantages of using a robot vacuum and many people who have tried it never wanted to go back to the traditional vacuum cleaner. “Why?” you may ask. Well, there are many reasons why, starting with is convenience, durability, and ending with its ease of use and low maintenance. Here are some of the main advantages of starting using a robot cleaner.

  • Helps You Save More Time

  • One of the best advantages of using a robot is the fact that it basically does all the job for you. This means that you will have more free time for doing something else in the house. We live in a busy world and it seems that we never have time for ourselves, so any help is welcomed, especially if we want to maintain our house clean all the time.

  • It’s Very Efficient

  • Specially designed to offer the best result, a robotic vacuum cleaner definitely won’t disappoint you because it does a pretty good job. Being equipped with different brushes, filters, and other cleaning systems, a robot is a must-have cleaning tool if you want to make sure your house is all clean. However, remember that in order to be efficient for a longer period of time, the robot has to be properly maintained and used under normal conditions.

  • Doesn’t Need Assistance

  • What is amazing about these robots is the fact that they can perform the job with no supervision. Therefore, once you push the start button, the unit begins to vacuum the floor all by itself. Using an intelligent navigation system that helps it pass through multiple rooms and avoid different obstacles, the robot is truly a smart acquisition for any home. Furthermore, the unit can recharge automatically when the battery is low and in most cases, it can resume the cleaning after it recharges.

  • Has a Stylish and Compact Design

  • Besides its attractive design that makes it fit in any home, a robot vacuum is also very compact. This allows it to easily go under furniture and clean areas that are hard for you to reach. Therefore, instead of moving the furniture and clean a certain spot, the robot will do this without your help. Also, since it’s compact, the unit won’t occupy too much space in the room, which is a big advantage.

  • Features a Remote Control or a Wi-Fi connectivity

  • The latest models come with a remote control that allows you to operate the main unit from the distance, so if you want it to clean a certain spot, you just have to push a button. This is quite convenient considering the fact that with minimum effort on your part, your house will be clean and sparkle. Additionally, some models can be connected to your home Wi-Fi, which means you can control them remotely with the help of your smart device. So, you don’t even have to be at home in order to start the robot.

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Robot

In case you’ve decided to buy a robot vacuum, there are certain aspects you have to take into consideration if you want to make the right choice. There are many models available on the market and you surely don’t want to rush into buying the first model. Below are some tips that will guide you in choosing what is best for you.

  • Consider the Size of the House

  • The robot vacuums are really great for large homes because they can work up to 90 minutes or more, especially the top rated models. Therefore, they can easily clean a large apartment without having to recharge. So, if you consider that your apartment is difficult to vacuum and you need a robot vacuum, search one that is suited for your house because otherwise you will either overwork it or pay more for performance that you don’t necessarily need.

  • Give Importance to the Cleaning Performance

  • Read the specifications of the robot before making a decision because it will help you find out all the information you need. The most important details about a vacuum cleaner robot are related to the working and charging time, cleaning modes, brushes and filters, navigation system, and so on. Make a prior research and see what are the best options and then decide what exactly suits your needs.

  • Put a High Value on the Convenience

  • The convenience is another aspect to consider if you want to use the robot with ease and avoid the hassle. So, make sure the robot has sensors for obstacles, a large dust bin, or that it can charge automatically. At the same time, a great feature is the scheduled cleaning that allows you to set the robot start cleaning whenever you want. Furthermore, you can even opt for robots that come with a remote control or a smart home connection.

  • Make Sure it Comes with a Docking Station and Other Helpful Accessories

  • Although the main base usually comes with the docking station, there are cases in which you may have to buy it separately. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this aspect and avoid getting in the situation of having to pay too much money for a robot vacuum. Also, it’s best to buy a unit that has spare brushes and filters that usually need periodical replacement.