Best Window Cleaning Robot

Top 5 Window Cleaning Robots Comparison

1. Hobot 168 2. Ecovacs Winbot W950 3. Cop Rose X6 4. Alfawise Magnetic 5. Ecovacs Winbot W730

General Information

Brand Hobot Ecovacs Cop Rose Alfawise Ecovacs
Dimensions (inches) 11.6 x 5.8 x 4.7 10.75 x 10.75 x 4.84 9.4 x 9.4 x 3.9 11.42 x 5.59 x 4.53 9.13 x 8.86 x 3.74
Weight (pounds) 2 7.26 5.5 5.62 7.28
Use Various types of glasses Various types of glasses Various types of glassess, as well as floors, walls, tables, tile, etc. Various types of glasses, as well as floors, walls, and tables Various types of glasses

Technical Specifications

Suction Vacuum Motor Fan Vacuum Motor Vacuum Motor Vacuum Pump
Power Consumption 75W 75W 80W 80W 35W
Cable Length (ft.) 3 3.94 3 18 3.94
Extension Cord Length (ft.) 13 4.92 13 13 4.92
Cleaning Speed 4 min/m2 N/A 2 min/m2 4 min/m2 N/A
Noise (dB) 71 64 60 N/A 64
Cleaning Cloth 2 Microfiber Cloths 4-side Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 2 Microfiber Cloths 2 Cleaning Pads
Window Thickness Restriction 3-60mm or more No No Thicker than 6mm No


Edge Sensors
Obstacle Sensors
Remote Control
Battery Back-Up For a period of 30 minutes For a period of 15 minutes For a period of 20 minutes For a period of 30 minutes For a period of 15 minutes
Modes Auto or Manual Mode Auto Mode Auto Mode Auto Mode Auto Mode


AI-Technology Smart Drive Navigation System AI-Technology AI-Technology Efficient Cleaning Path and Memory
Automatic Finish Sensor Four-Stage Cleaning Process Auto Finish Zigzag Automatic Cleaning Routes 3-in-1 Cleaning System
Single-Side-Cleaning Memorizes the Cleaning Path Intelligent Pressure Sensor App Control Dual Suction Rings
Can be Operated on Inclined Surfaces

Included Accesories

1x Remote Control 1x Remote Control 1x Remote Control 1x Remote Control 1x Remote Control
12x Micro Fibre Cloths 1x Power Adapter 1x Adaptor 2x Cleaning Cloth 1x Power Adapter
2x Cleaning Rings 3x Cleaning Pads (sets) 1x AC Power Cord 4x Cleaning Loop 3x Cleaning Pads (sets)
1x Safety Rope 1x Finishing Cloth 1x DC Extendable Cable 1x Adapter 1x Finishing Cloth
1x Adapter 1x Protection Card 1x Long Hair Fiber Mopping Cloth 1x Extension Wire 1x Protection Card
1x DC cable 1x Extension Cord 1x Short Fair Fiber Mopping Cloth 1x Safety Rope 1x Extension Cord
1x AC cable 1x Safety Pod 1x Safety Rope 1 x Button Battery 1x Safety Pod
1x Cleaning Solution 1x Cleaning Solution


Warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty 1-year warranty
User Manual
Customer Support

Reviews of the Top Rated Window Cleaning Robots 2017

Hobot 168

The Hobot company is dedicated to developing home robots. One of them is this window cleaner that comes equipped with a wide range of features that leave glass surfaces shining. With its help, you can simply forget about the hassle of cleaning the windows and spend more time doing the things that your love.


Features a vacuum motor that allows it to stand on the glass surface. It uses the AI technology thus being able to find the optimal cleaning path. The two cleaning wheels are covered with replaceable microfiber cloths and they can be easily removed for cleaning. Also, the robot is pretty versatile as you can use it on multiple surfaces, including floor.

  • Innovative cleaning mode: for best results, the robot always keeps the clean cloth at upper side and the dirty one at lower side.
  • No limit on the glass thickness: can clean all types of glasses, regardless their thickness.
  • 3 cleaning modes: features multiple cleaning models, including a table mode.
  • Auto finish: comes equipped with an automatic finish sensor.

Safety Features

For more convenience, the robot features edge and obstacle sensors to make sure it automatically completes its task without needing your assistance. At the same time, in case there’s a power outage, the internal battery offers a back-up of 30 minutes to make sure the robot won’t fall down. Additionally, it coems with a 150Kgf high strength safety rope.


Using the robot is a breeze, being a reliable cleaning companion. The added features make it very user-friendly while the included 13-foot extension cord make is suitable for houses with large windows.

  • Included remote control: allows you to operate it while sitting on the couch.
  • Replacement micro-fiber clothes: comes with an impressive number of 12 cleaning clothes.
  • Moderate noise: when working, the robot emits sounds at a level of up to 71 dB.

Main Particularities of Window Cleaning Robots

Just as the robot vacuum cleaners, the robot window cleaners are smart systems that help you deal with the household chores much easier. We live in a busy world and it’s only natural that we find more time for ourselves. For this reason, the convenience of an automatic window cleaner is considered one of the main reason why more and more people choose to invest in such a unit. Here are the main particularities of these cleaners.

  • Suction

  • The most advanced models on the market feature motor-powered suction or high-speed fan that creates excellent suction. There are also some models that use magnetic connectivity that require the attachment of another magnetic piece on the other side of the window. However, this may be rather difficult in some cases, so it’s not the best option. For this reason, the motor-powered suction and fan models are a better alternative as you only have to place the robot on the unit and push start. Nevertheless, this type of connection may lead to falls and for this reason, most units come with a safety cord.

  • Edge Sensors

  • The cleaners feature edge sensors that help them identify the edge of the glass and automatically change the direction. This allows an automatic cleaning that doesn’t need any human intervention, maybe just supervision to make sure everything is alright. Without these sensors, the unit will interrupt and you would have to manually change its direction.

  • Battery Back-Up

  • Since many of these advanced window cleaners are electrical devices, when the power gets off and they’re in the middle of the cleaning process, they lose suction. For this reason, the top rated models come with a battery back-up that prevents fallings in case there’s a power outage. However, you should be careful and make sure the internal battery is charged before turning on the robot.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths or Cleaning Pads

  • In order to clean the windows, the robots come with cleaning cloths or pads that are very efficient when it comes to removing the unwanted dirt. While some of them may use only one cloth or pad, there are certain models that use two or more such cleaning materials. At the same time, you will also find units that come with squeegee for an optimal coverage. Additionally, there are some manufacturers that use brushes when designing their cleaners.

  • Cleaning Solution

  • For best results, many of the available models have to be sprayed or filled up with a special window cleaning solution to remove the dirt and dust. The cleaning solution is usually provided when you purchase the robot and according to the manufacturers, you should you use special cleaning solution as the regular one may damage the robot. Although this may be more expensive, it’s better to avoid any unpleasant situations.

  • Remote Control

  • Another great feature of these cleaners is that they come with remote controls that allow you to operate them from the distance. Therefore, the remote control offers you the possibility to use the unit according to your preferences and choose the cleaning method you like or guide it to clean a certain spot.

Robot vs. Manual Window Cleaning

    As you would probably guess, using a robot window cleaner offers you a greater advantage than manually cleaning the window. Even though not many people are yet convinced about the utility of such a unit, I really think that domestic robots represent the future when it comes to household chores because they basically do all the job in your place. Let’s see exactly why robotic cleaners are a much better choice in comparison to manual cleaning.

  • Are Much Easier to Use

  • Since they are autonomous, the robots are much easier to use. In most cases, all you have to do is to plug them in, start them on, and place them on the window surface. Additionally, you may have to spray the cleaning cloth with the cleaning solution prior to plugging them in, and you are all set. You only have to supervise them in order to avoid any possible incidents. As about the manual cleaning, there’s no need to enumerate the many things you have to do in order to have clean windows.

  • Are More Efficient

  • When manually cleaning the windows, even if you spend many hours on leaving them sparkles clean, you won’t be able to obtain the same results as with robot cleaners. From this point of view, they are more efficient because they use a more advanced cleaning technique.

  • Are Time Savers

  • Cleaning the windows manually takes a lot of time and for this reason, many people hate this chore. Nobody wants to spend their free time cleaning the windows, especially if you have many of them to take care of. Therefore, with the help of such a unit, you can use the free time to do something else while it gently cleans your windows. Also, even if you consider hiring someone to do this job for you, it’s still not the best solution as eventually, you would get to pay more money.

  • Are More Convenient for Tall Windows

  • Another great advantage of using a robot cleaner is the fact that it can easily clean tall windows, which is rather a difficult and risky job. This is one of the main reasons why many companies that have their headquarters in tall buildings with wide windows choose to invest in such a unit. It’s much more convenient than constantly paying high rise window washers because when you draw the line, such units basically pay for themselves.

What to Look for When Buying a Robot Window Cleaner

In case you have decided that you want to buy an automatic window cleaner, you need to know some tips that will help you choose the best model for your needs. Even though there aren’t yet too many models available on the market, it’s always better to make a little research and see what to consider before deciding what to choose.

  • Consider the Glass Surface and Thickness

  • This is one of the most important aspects to consider if you want to be sure you make the right choice. So, in case you have uneven glass surfaces that may influence the suction power of the unit, it’s better to check this information before actually buying the robot because it may not work. At the same time, some cleaners can only perform on a specific glass thickness, so you may want to first find out your window’s thickness and then look for a model to be suited for what you need.

  • Don’t Forget about the Power Cord Length

  • Checking the length of the power cable should also be one of your main concerns as you may get in the situation of buying a cleaner that won’t be able to cover the entire surface of the window. However, the good news is that there are many models that come with an extension cord for more convenience, just to make sure it can clean all your windows with absolutely no problem. Nevertheless, it’s always better to investigate this aspect before taking the final decision.

  • Opt for Those with a Remote Control

  • Even they may be more expensive, the robots that feature a remote control are much easier to use and more convenient. Why is that? Well, a remote control allows you to guide the unit from a certain distance in order to clean a specific area or to choose the automatic mode. Controlling the robot remotely is a huge advantage, so it’s wise to opt for such a model.

  • Take a Closer Look at the Features

  • When buying a product, it’s always recommended that you also check the features if you want to make sure your choice is the best one. So, pay attention to things like the navigation system, the cleaning process, the safety features, and so on. After all, you buy the robot for a longer period of time, so you have to consider investing in an advanced unit that won’t be outdated after just several months.